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About Xlibris

About Xlibris

Xlibris is one of the pioneers of the supported self-publishing services industry, and still leads the way today. One of our founding principles, dating back to when we were newly incorporated and making books out of a basement office, is that authors should have control over their work. This principle still stands today as we help hundreds of authors every month publish their work in the manner and form that they envision.

Giving authors control is why we don’t take rights and why we are non-exclusive. This means that you can achieve publication with us and offer your work to publishers and agents. And if you are one of the fortunate few, you can immediately go with your new publisher with no strings attached. Xlibris is here to provide services that help you succeed as a writer.

Xlibris has been helping writers become published authors since 1997. With thousands of titles published, and many authors coming back to us for their second and third books, you can count on our extensive experience to provide dependable, long-term, individualised support on your publishing path.

When you publish with Xlibris:

Enjoy the freedom to write, edit, design, and market your book with Xlibris Publishing! Take a few minutes to tour our website to explore our unrivaled range of publishing packages and services, all designed to realise your writing aspirations.


  • You can target your niche market
  • You gain access to your audience
  • You earn royalties on every sale
  • Your book will never go out of print
  • You have access to around-the-clock customer support