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Your Self Publishing Journey

Whatever your aspirations for your book,
Xlibris has the expertise to guide you all the way

When you choose to publish your book with Xlibris,
the leading supported self-publishing services provider,
you are in control all the way—
from the delivery of the manuscript to seeing the first copy
of your completed book.

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It's All About Our Authors

Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Deborah Day.
Be Happy Now!

Many times, we are in a vicious cycle of inflicting self-harm without even being aware of it. Xlibris author Deborah Day, M.A., shares possible ways to put an end to this habit and achieve happiness in her self-help book, Be Happy Now! By reading Day’s insightful words, readers can rebuild their foundations for reaching happiness and attaining a much more positive state of mental health.

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Author Videos

Guidance from a Guru

Mathew Knowles, a renowned talent manager in the entertainment industry, is known for managing Destiny’s Child and as father of mega-star Beyoncé. Now, as an Xlibris author, he brings his knowledge and experience to readers in The DNA of Achievers. Subtitled “Ten Traits of Highly Successful Professionals,” the book explains how qualities such as passion, team-building, and risk-taking should be utilized to accelerate one’s path to success. Knowles’ wealth of personal experience adds a strong dimension of gravitas to his lessons, as he guides readers to attaining new heights in their careers.

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Featured Service

Featured Service

Explore Your Book’s Hollywood Potential at the Book-to-Screen PitchFest

Think your book has the potential to be a great movie or TV series? Then join us at theBook-to-Screen PitchFest Las Vegas at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on 3–4 June.

Learn how to prepare a book pitch with a step-by-step process outlined by Robert Kosberg and a group practice session. At the event, you’ll also have the chance to deliver your rehearsed pitch to Hollywood representatives. The two authors with the most popular pitches during will get the opportunity to pitch their book to award-winning producer Cathy Konrad at a later date.

There are only 150 slots available for this event, so make sure to book your spot today.

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