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AUTHOR VIDEOS: Joseph Cronin


Theory You is a book designed for young professionals who are looking for a source and a guide to help them in the development of their career—from day 1 all the way, hopefully, into the corner office when they become CEO. I was a former professor at Northeastern University in Boston and having had a relationship with my students, I had the feeling that as they went into the marketplace and found new positions for themselves that there was a lack of mentoring that existed, and so the book provides a mentoring type of situation. One of the things that I’ve discovered is that people who are not good at managing others were also not good at managing themselves. So if they can learn to manage themselves, they can then turn around and be able to manage others. And so the book starts with ‘Here’s how you can manage yourself’ and then ‘Here’s how you can learn and segue into managing others’.

I felt that the process to go through traditional publishers was going to be so time-consuming that I didn’t really want to use up all my time trying to find a publisher. I wanted to get the book into the marketplace immediately because I knew the need existed, and I knew there was nothing else like my book in the market. So it was timing, more than anything, that I made my decision to self-publish. I felt that Xlibris was the most well-known and trusted brand that I could find. I have to say that the Xlibris team has been extremely personable and extremely helpful. We have never missed a deadline and in fact, we’ve gone the other way—we’ve been early on some things. I’ve been caught a little surprised that it’s ready already. I think all the people that I had dealt with so far have really delivered on what I thought the brand would deliver. If the book had not been published, then a lot of young people would be searching in their career trying to make sense of ‘What do I do in this situation?’ or ‘Am I making the right decisions?’ or ‘Am I going down the right road?’ or ‘Do I have a good strategy for myself?’ or ‘Do I even have a strategy for myself?’ I saw something, a need that existed, and I think I’ve given people a potential solution to that need.

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