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Full Color Publishing Packages

Basic Package - $1,199

The Basic service is a simple and affordable route to full-colour publication. But don’t confuse simplicity with sacrifice—each feature of the Basic service has been carefully designed to maximise its overall value while providing you with a high level of flexibility and support. Our team of designers picks from a variety of template-driven designs that cover most requirements, and you can provide up to 25 images with the option to add more if necessary. The Basic service provides you with a straightforward submission process and standard image treatment and layout.

The Basic service includes:

Image, text and design treatments

  • 25 Total Allotted Images
  • Standard Image Adjustments and Placement
  • Standard Text and Layout Formatting

Production features

Post-publication features

Marketing services

  • 50 Business Cards
  • 50 Postcards

*Disclaimer: Package includes the cost of the book copies, but you're responsible to pay the cost of shipping and handling.