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Author Alterations & Corrections Service (up to 25 corrections)

Even after a professional edit, you may still need to make a few text changes to your manuscript. To make these additional edits easier and hassle-free, Xlibris offers the Author Alterations and Corrections service.

Once your book enters the production process, before you approve the final galley proof, you can make up to 25 changes or edits to your text such as typos or missing words. List these corrections on the proof form provided to ensure that these changes will be implemented. You must also list errors that were introduced by our production team, but these will not be considered part of your 25 changes.

If you wish to have more rounds of revisions after that, you can purchase our add-on service. If you think it is best to submit a new manuscript instead because of the large number of edits, you can opt for our revision services for black and white and full-colour books.

Because your book exists electronically, you can change or update your content even after it has been published. So if new information comes to light or details change, you can make sure that your work is kept up-to-date. Corrections requested after publication are classified as post-publication revision services and are available for a flat fee of $449 for black-and-white books and $549 for full-colour books.

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Some restrictions may apply.