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Book Exhibit Plus – International

Promote your book at book fairs around the globe—right from the comforts of home. With our help, you can send your book on an international tour and reach out to potential readers at five premier book shows, all without the hassles of travelling. View the infographic or read the transcript below to get more details.

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Book Exhibit Plus – International

The wider your horizon, the more places (and readers) your book can reach. If sending your book on a tour of book fairs around the globe is part of your marketing plan, we can help.

Get display space for your book in these five international book fairs and reach out to a worldwide audience—all without the hassles of travelling.

Where is your book going?

London Book Fair
London, England
Number of Participants: 25,000
Show Dates: 10–12 April 2018

BookExpo America
New York, NY
Number of Participants: 7,400
Show Dates: 30 May–1 June 2018

Beijing International Book Fair
Beijing, China
Number of Participants: 300,000
Show Dates: 22–26 August 2018

Frankfurt International Book Fair
Frankfurt, Germany
Number of Participants: 286,000
Show Dates: 10–14 October 2018

Guadalajara International Book Fair
Guadalajara, Mexico
Number of Participants: 659,000
Show Dates: 24 November–2 December 2018

Here’s what’s in store for you at these events:

  • Marketing on a global scale
    Take your campaign to book fairs in other countries without having to do any physical travelling yourself
  • A space for you to promote your work
    A physical copy of your book will be displayed at these book fairs, with its cover facing the crowds.
  • Readers from all walks of life
    Book fairs usually attract thousands or millions of visitors eager to purchase books to read next.

Ready to get your book in front of a global audience?

Here’s how this service works:

  • We’ll get display space for your book at each book fair.
    What’s more, a unique QR code will be placed on the cover so attendees with the CBE Book Fair Buddy app can scan it. This will allow them to add your book to their to-be-read list, share that with their network, and even get linked to reseller sites where they can purchase a copy.
  • We will set up your profile.
    If you’re interested in negotiating international rights for your books, this website will help simplify the process for you. You can connect with publishers on the lookout for new titles, agents seeking authors, and even fellow writers. We’ll sign you up for a five-year membership and provide a guide on how to navigate and use the website.

If you want to focus your marketing efforts on a specific international book show and get some media exposure on top of that, go for our Book Exhibit - International service instead.

To sign up or to learn more about this service,
contact your Marketing Consultant today.