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Online Discovery Service

How do you get your website into your readers’ radar? Make it easy for potential readers to find with our Online Discovery Service. Learn how this service works by checking out the infographic here or reading the transcription below it.


Let online readers discover your book website.

A website is an important part of your online marketing strategy—it’s how you establish your place online, and it’s where potential readers can learn more about your book. But with the sheer number of sites on the internet today, it’s easy for your own website to get lost among millions of others.

As of 2018, there are already more than 1 billion websites.

  • 1991: 1 website
  • 2000: 17,087,182 websites
  • 2018: 1,870,000,000 websites and counting

So how do you make your book website stand out and drive online traffic to it? The trick here is to focus your efforts on the right readers—the ones who are most likely to be interested in reading your book.


First things first: you have to determine who those readers are. Just as there are different authors with their own unique stories to tell, there are also readers with different reading preferences. So the key is to identify and target those prospective readers whose interests resonate with your book’s topic, genre, or subject matter.

  • Does your book contain elements of romance? Reach out to readers who prefer love stories.
  • Did you publish a cookbook? Target readers who are into food, recipes, and cooking.
  • Is your book about sports? Promote it to sports enthusiasts.

Once you’ve established who your readers are, you can focus on reaching out to them with targeted ads. Targeted ads allow for a more focused, more efficient, and smarter marketing campaign.

Plus, studies have shown that the targeted approach works:

  • 82% of Australian consumers prefer tailored ads.
  • 56% of marketers believe that personalised content promotes higher engagement rates.
  • 72% of marketers consider relevant content creation the most effective tactic for search engine optimisation.

With targeted marketing, readers won’t have to comb through countless websites that may not be of interest to them. Instead, you bring their preferences to them. In the long run, this may make it easier for interested readers to come across your website and learn more about your book.


With the Xlibris Online Discovery packages , you can promote your book website* to the right readers through these targeting tools:

  • StumbleUpon
    Paid Discovery Service
    Through a simple click of the ‘stumble’ button, your potential readers can scan through hundreds of pages that match their interests and eventually ‘stumble upon’ your website. You can target readers by age, gender, location, device, and specific interest categories.
  • Google
    Search Engine Marketing
    Increase your website’s visibility through the internet giant, Google. Our copywriters will create a short text ad that links to your website's homepage, which will be shown on the search engine result pages when your readers search for keywords associated with your book.

Track your campaign performance in real time, and get useful and insightful data from your own web account and through Jetpack by Wordpress. **

Start your targeted marketing campaign by choosing the package that works best for you:





Guaranteed stumbles from StumbleUpon





Guaranteed clicks on Google





Keywords on Google





Analytics Setup





*Don't have a website yet? Contact your marketing consultant today to learn more about our website set-up services.

**Your campaign will run for a maximum of 90 days, but duration may extend until guaranteed stumbles or clicks are achieved.

Disclaimer: Service is only available to authors who purchased the Xlibris web design service after October 2012. It is subject to further terms and conditions. Restrictions may apply.


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