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Here at Xlibris, not only do we offer aspiring authors the means to get their book published in their own terms, we also open oppurtunities for them to pursue other publishing avenues.

Take a look at some of our authors who have recently signed with traditional publishers.

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© Bantam

Learning to Fall

By Philip Simmons
Acquired by Bantam.

© One World/Ballentine

Stripped Bare

By LaDawn Black
Acquired by One World/Ballentine. Its two subsequent titles are also published under the same traditional publisher.

© Ulysses Press / Random House

Atheist Universe

By David Mills
Acquired by Ulysses Press / Random House.

© Dell Publishing

Sleep with the Fishes

By Brian Wiprud
Acquired by Dell Publishing.

© St. Martin's Press Press

Nick of Time

By Ted Bell
Acquired by St. Martin's Press Press. Two subsequent titles from Ted Bell has also been released through the same publisher.

© Ulysses Press / Random House

Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse

By James Wesley Rawles
Acquired by Ulysses Press / Random House. The same publisher has now also published various other books by Rawles.

© Sourcebooks/Landmark

The Pearls of the Stone Man

By Edward Mooney, Jr.
Acquired by Sourcebooks/Landmark.

© Hampton Roads Publishing

A Happy Pocket Full of Money

By David Gikandi
Acquired by Hampton Roads Publishing.

© University of Chicago Press

A Naked Singularity

By Sergio de la Pava
Acquired by University of Chicago Press.

© White Soup Press

Darcy's Passions

By Regina Jeffers
Acquired by White Soup Press.

© Penguin Plume

Going Home

By A. American
Acquired by Penguin Plume.

© Penguin Tarcher

The Procrastinators Digest

By Timothy A. Pychyl
Acquired by Penguin Tarcher.

© Ravenswood

Ravening Heart of the Wolf

By Erin Eldridge
Acquired by Ravenswood.

© Ravenswood

Immortal Longings

By Erin Eldridge
Acquired by Ravenswood.

© Austin Macauley

The Ivan

By Erin Eldridge
Acquired by Austin Macauley.