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To officially launch Xlibris self-published author Janice Mannex’s book Poems To Encourage & Inspire Volume 1, a praise and poetry night will be held at the Central Baptist Church lounge in New Plymouth on 28 September 2013. The event will be a mix of praise songs and poetry reading by the author herself. After the dedication, there will be a supper and a book signing. The book contains 40 poems, which are mostly based on Mannex’s experience of God’s love and trustworthiness in the midst of tough situations.

For her new book A Bed of Sting Nettles, author Saarah D'Armill will be hosting a book launch at Beaufort Community and Learning Centre, Pyrenees Shire, Victoria, Australia, 8 September 2016. At 5pm.

Xlibris author Rohan Draper will be having a book signing at the Holgate Brewhouse, Woodend, Victoria, from 4:00 to 6:00 PM on 21 July 2012. Mr. Draper wrote Sunny and Mayo, an adventure about two children and an unlikely ally who helps save their community from the destructive effects of oil pollution. An ideal read for young kids, their parents, and their teachers, Sunny and Mayo also imparts important life lessons such as friendship and the idea that even as young as they are, children can help save the environment and find a way to help end the harmful effects of pollution.


What Remains, the first novel self-published by Canberra-based English teacher Tracey Lee, earned a good review from the Sydney Morning Herald, which praised it as an impressive debut novel.

The first of a projected trilogy, the book centres on the mystery of the deaths of Lily O’Hara’s mother and brother in Lake George where her father supposedly took them out to fish. Years later, while Lily is living a good life of her own, she is still haunted by the mysterious deaths as more and more details start unravelling.

Following the release of her debut novel Heroes and Villains: California Dreaming 1, self-published author and Hillman resident Stacey Johnston was featured in Community News, the interactive digital hub for Community News Group’s 17 local papers.

Her book follows Sophie Valentine, a privileged girl living the perfect life until she was forced to move to Brooklyn under dubious circumstances.

Johnston said that social media played a big part in making a name for herself. Connecting with other authors, book reviewers, and bloggers is what she loved most in the process of publishing her novel. Read the full article here.

Jodie Zammit spent her childhood playing in the bush, and this way of living greatly influenced her nature-themed story, People of the Shadows. Jodie had always been a writer but only recently did she find the time to write and self-publish a novel.

The first book of a modern-day fantasy trilogy, People of the Shadows tells the tale of a mythical forest-dwelling race that evolved alongside humanity but is now struggling to survive. It is now available in Amazon and in the Xlibris online bookstore. Jodie is also currently working on a sequel.

Gwyneth Montenegro has made waves in the Internet with her sizzling account of her stint as an escort in Australia. In her book, 10,000 Men and Counting, Gwyneth recounts her 15 years of experience as an escort and the nature and the dangers of the job. She also shares how she left escorting behind to become a pilot, but fell back into her old job when she suffered kidney failure. Gwyneth and her book have been featured in articles in the Huffington Post UK and

In his self-published book, The Promised Land, ordained Anglican minister Brian A. Curtis uses his knowledge of Bible studies to present the Old Testament in a more understandable and more comprehensive way. His passion has not gone unnoticed in the Catholic community, as his book was recently featured in the April 2014 issue of the official publication of the Diocese of Sale, Catholic Life.

Xlibris self-published author Sylvia Harvie set up a website for her friends and fans to read her book, Move Forward. In three weeks, it has already reached 900 hits. She also redirects the visitors to the Xlibris website if they are ever interested in buying her work. The book follows the story of Susan Anderson, who was subjected to domestic violence after she married her second husband Joe. It revolves around her journey in getting over her phobia issues and how she is then able to move forward from her problems.

The Redmond Reporter announces the release of one of its resident poet’s debut novel. Following a critically acclaimed poem collection in 2011, Pamela Proehl self-published a psychological thriller with Xlibris entitled The Heartbreak Killer. The book follows Seattle school teacher Rachel Carter who becomes suddenly haunted by psychic dreams, which connects her to a serial killer’s exploits.

Scott Bailey’s self-published book Vacations & Libations: Enjoy France & Europe Our Way was recommended as a “beachside-and-patio read” that is perfect for summer’s end in an article on GoErie. The article describes the book as like “spending an evening with a well-traveled, discerning friend sharing his personal evaluations of Europe’s hotels, restaurants, and wineries.” The title is based on the travels of Bailey with wife, Melanie, and son Drew on a fifteen-year period between 1995 and 2011.


August 2013

Sergio de la Pava

Sergio de la Pava won the 2013 PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize for his novel A Naked Singularity. The title was originally self-published by Xlibris in 2008 and was then acquired in 2012 and republished in 2013 by the University of Chicago Press. Andrew Phillips, CEO of Author Solutions, expressed his delight that de la Pava used self-publishing services to “bring this fine work to readers around the world.”

July 2013

Heather Young

Author Heather Young won in the Children’s category of the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival for her heartwarming tale,Norman. Based on a true story, the book follows the adventures of Prudence and her horse, Norman, as they struggle with and overcome obstacles that come their way. The book is illustrated by Ramir Quintana.

Linda P. Young

Linda P. Young received an honourable mention for her book, The Adventures of Anna and Andy Hummingbird: Book 1 , in the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival. This children’s book revolves around the fun hummingbirds seem to have, which has entranced Linda and her family.

V.M. Catanio

The book, Willie Kettle and the Sea Witch , by author V. M. Catanio received an honourable mention in the Young Adult category of the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival. The book follows the story of Willie as he embarks on a voyage and pursues the adventure of a lifetime.

MaryAnne Beyer-Tweed
June 2011

"Heart Reflections and Other Love Beads" has been nominated for Dan Poynter's Global e-book Award .

Tom Edwards
May 2011

Author Tom Edwards was honored a finalist place in the International Book Awards 2011 under the Fiction: Environmental/Green Fiction for his work on “Lethal Legacy”. A fiction book which raises concerns regarding the Earth’s deterioration set in the year 2050, the book elicits truth of politics, natural exploitations and environmental mishaps which are influenced from the natural events occurring now and in the previous years.

Richard Hawkey
May 2011

Richard Hawkey author of “Life Less Lived- A Passage through Burnout and Depression in the Suburbs”, was recognized as a finalist in the recent International Book Awards 2011 under the Health: Psychological/Mental Health. This inspirational book is a story of his inner battles against stress and depression.

Ella F. Young
February 2011

Ella F. Young was awarded The Beacon Award in the Arts, for her book, "The Realities of Life", last February 12, 2011. This was for her contribution and achievement in poetry. She also received an invitation from the Poet Laureate, Donald Hall, to be a member of their Academy of American Poets. This organization publishes "The American Poet", which is the best of poetry's institutional voices. Each year, it sponsors the National Poetry Month and other programs in over 200 colleges and universities.

Lou Ann Hayford (L. A. Noble)
February 2011

L. A. Noble’s ‘About Time Already’ won the Honorable Mention under the Mystery category for the 2010 Los Angeles Book Festival:

Curtis J. Hopfenbeck
February 2011

Hopfenbeck's first novel, ‘The Liquid City’ is named one of "Top 10 Must Reads of 2011" and "5 Best Books of 2010" by GQ Magazine. The book is a witty and suspense-filled page turner joining now the ranks of Stephen King and John Grisham’s books. Touted as one of America’s hottest new authors, Hopfenbeck's passion and impetus for writing has been in existence since birth.

Muhammad Rahim
February 2011

The ‘Memoirs of a Life Insurance Icon: Khuda Buksh’ of Muhammad Rahim won the GLOBAL Asia Category of Readers Views 2010 Literary Awards. The book illustrates the life of a legendary Insurance Specialist who chose to serve humanity by sparking an insurance awareness movement in three countries (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh).

Fida R. Abbott
July 2010

Fida R. Abbott, Managing Editor and Director of the Online Writing Course at, a daily online Indonesian News site won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for 'Enthusiasm'. The award was under the category of novels from North American Book Dealer Exchange (NABE).

Christopher Hugh Kawal Persaud
July 2010

Writer, poet, and Christian apologist Christopher Hugh Kawal Persaud Persaud's 2010 book, The Da Vinci Code Revisited: A Conclusive Refutation of the Widespread, Sinister Lie was adjudged the First Place winner in the Theology category for the 2010 Christian Choice Book Awards competition. This is his second national award.

BeNeca Ward
January 2010

‘3rd Generation Country’ by Benecca Ward was nominated under the Outstanding Literary – Debut author category for the 41st NAACP Image Awards.

C. P. Carusso
December 2009

"Sophia's Exit Strategy" of trainer CP Carusso bagged the 2009 Oakland PEN (Poets, Essayists and Novelists) Award.

Amira Tame
July 2009

Amira Tame received the National Mature Media Silver Award for her book, Activity Techniques that Heal the Wounds of Alzheimer's.

Joanne Hughson AKA Stef
June 2009

Her book, Be Careful What You Wish For ... The Story of: Gwendolyn the Great, Savior of Idlebury, Protector of the Universe, placed as a Finalist the 2009 National Indie Excellence Awards and as a Finalist in the 2009 Next Generation Indie Books Awards.

Connie Houser
February 2009

Connie Houser, author of The Letters, Portrait of an Artist, Jim Houser, won FIRST PLACE in the Art and Photograph category in the 2008 California Book Festival.

Steve Phillips

Steve Phillips, author of Proximity, won the 2008 Gold Medal Award (Navy Category) from the Military Writers Society of America.

Albert Russo

Albert Russo has three books, which qualified as finalists at the National Indie Excellence Awards in the Photography category.

  • City of Lovers- City of Wonder
  • Body Glorious/Corps á corps
  • New York at Heart/New York au Coeur

Gina Jones

Gina E. Jones, author of Flying Between Heaven and Earth, was voted semi-finalist for Fiction & Literature in the New Age Fiction category by USA Book News.

For more information, go to

Lucy Cain
November 5, 6 & 7, 2007

Lucy Cain, author of Secure the Fort, is the recipient of the 2007 Military Writers Society of America Gold Medal Award for Best Anthology to be presented at the annual conference/banquet in Branson, MO.

Kevin Weeks
June 2007

Kevin M. Weeks, author of The Street Life Series: Is it Suicide or Murder?, was inducted as the Best New Urban Author of the Year 2006 for his novel. A voluntary Top Advisory Board of one hundred active members inducts The YOUnity Guild Award Winners of Excellence each year. He also won an award (Wild Card) in the New York Book Festival.

Jameela Alter

Jameela Alter, author of On Clipped Wings, is a finalist in Foreword Magazine's eighth annual Book of the Year Awards in the Fiction-General category.

Judy Snider

Judy K. Snider, author of Goldy's Baby Socks, and her illustrator, Thomas McAteer, won The Cat Writer's Association award of excellence and the 2006 CWA Muse Award for best children's book.


Michelle Anne Noonan’s book, Sensual Whispers, is a collection of poetry that tells of a love that withstood the test of time. On 10 October 2014, Michelle Anne is sharing a poem from her book on air, together with a local poetry group. Tune in to 3WBC 94.1FM at 12:30 to 13:30 to catch Michelle Anne.