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Doris Washington on the Power of Inspiration and Book Signings


Doris Washington is a spiritual writer, poet, entrepreneur, disability advocate, wife, and mother of a son who has autism. Her writing style, subject, and genre (poetry) touches on these many roles. Her success story bears witness to the power of inspiration, perseverance, and the importance of book signings as key to championing your book. Securing a run of book-signing events at bookstore giant Barnes & Noble is testament to this.

"It is a wonderful feeling to be published. But keep in mind to expect to work very hard in marketing and advertising your book. That it is quite challenging. I expected challenges in self- publishing my book. But I wasn't prepared for the hurdles and obstacles I had to work through in marketing my book for possible placement and book signings at major bookstore chains," the author revealed.

Ms. Washington's readers have given her books great reviews and have expressed many times that her books are truly inspiring to read. Her first collection of poems A Blessing, Caring & Sharing is one of the all-time bestselling titles in the Xlibris indie bookstore.

Since her first book publication, the author has done over 321 successful book signings, mostly at former Waldenbooks and Borders Stores and a few small-chain bookstores as Cokesbury Christian Bookstores. During the most aggressive marketing period for her first book, she traveled extensively across the country to many book signings.

Washington recently launched her third book, The Joy in the Morning and a New Day Begins, a book of poems focusing on healing, positive thinking, joy, encouragement, inspiration, autism awareness, peace, faith, hope and love. With its collection of old, familiar, and many new poems, the author exhorts readers to hold on to that joy in the morning through life's daily challenges. This collection gives spiritual and inspirational messages about how to find God's mercy, peace, and divine love.

"In the course of our daily lives, there's that search for 'inner peace' that we all long for. The Joy in the Morning and a New Day Begins gives that and so much more. Truly Inspiring!" Ms. Washington added.

The author's first collection A Blessing, Caring & Sharing initially explored the theme of inner peace as that place we all long for. The book's focus is on spiritual poems and inspirational messages of hope, love, and faith. It also includes topics very close to her heart, including one poem about the author's autistic son John, where Washington reflects on his gift to the world, while she pleads for public understanding of autism.

"I take the inspiration for my poetry from an unfortunate incident involving my son who has autism and two police officers in December 1993. This incident impacted my life greatly, and I was empowered to advocate for a statewide training program recognizing special needs for police officers to recognize and be aware of persons with special needs. Through this period of my life, my writing began."

With her third book, the author took advantage of the Xlibris Returnability Program, which helped her book get its foot in the door of Barnes & Noble. Due to her belief in the power of book signings and thanks to her steadfast determination, she has been successful in adding Barnes & Noble Bookstores to her roster of book-signing events. She will be conducting these in the surrounding areas of Harrisburg, other parts of Pennsylvania near Philadelphia, PA; Altoona, PA; other cities and states as Bowie, MD; Frederick, MD and Ellicott, MD from April through July of 2012. She plans to hold more book signings in other Barnes & Noble bookstore locations in more cities and states across the country.

"As I travel again, this time to book signings at Barnes & Noble locations, it will bring more promotion of my newly released book The Joy in the Morning and a New Day Begins. At the same time, more and more of my readers will have the opportunity to meet me, all due to the book as returnable. I believe I will achieve my deepest desires that my poems will be an inspiration for the world, making my own writing success."

Ms. Washington's poem collections, A Blessing, Caring & Sharing and The Joy in the Morning and a New Day Begins, are available at the Xlibris Bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble bookstores nationwide.