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Featured Author: Christopher Persaud "The Da Vinci Code Revisited: A Conclusive Refutation of the Widespread, Sinister Lie"

Xlibris author Christopher Persaud is a man of conviction whose book refuting the theories put forward by Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, won the 2010 Christian Choice Book Awards. The public's reaction to Persaud's book The Da Vinci Code Revisited: A Conclusive Refutation of the Widespread, Sinister Lie, has been encouraging and he continues to give speeches and talks on his book and the relationship of its subject matter with the Christian faith.

When Dan Brown's deftly plotted work of fiction, The Da Vinci Code, was released in 2003, the book succeeded in stirring controversy, challenging the origins of the Christian faith and its central founding figure, the Galilean Jesus Christ.

Since then, numerous incisive and persuasive responses have been produced to challenge Dan Brown's speculative endeavor that threatened to malign an established religious institution. Among the publications that provided the most thorough and impassioned debunking is Persaud's work. Unlike other undertakings refuting Dan Brown's novel, however, The Da Vinci Code Revisited highlights the historical inaccuracies Persaud identifies in The Da Vinci Code, countering his arguments with an insightful presentation of the Christian gospel.

"The Da Vinci Code, the book to which my own book, The Da Vinci Code Revisited: A Conclusive Refutation of the Widespread, Sinister Lie, constitutes a response, is a deliberate, shameless assault on my religion", Persaud insists. "I felt I had to defend my faith."

This book was adjudged the first prize winner in the theology category of the 2010 Christian Choice Book Awards, a national inspirational book competition held annually, which attracts hundreds of self-published books from across America.

"There will not be a sequel to The Da Vinci Code Revisited as far as I know, but I am working on my sixth book, Little Miracles, Big Miracles & Supernatural Experiences, a true story of my experiences as a Christian believer." When asked what his advice to would-be authors, Persaud says, "Read widely and objectively and never be afraid to defend your beliefs and convictions."

Persaud served as an auditor with Touche Ross, Deloittes & Co. (UK) as a senior banking official at Guyana's premier full-service bank, the Guyana National Cooperative Bank, and as a member on the board of directors of the Guyana National Cooperative Bank Trust Corporation, the largest lending institution at the time in Guyana, South America-the land of his birth.

After emigrating to the USA in the early 1980s, Persaud continued working in the financial services field and held senior positions at The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP, New York) and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

All of Persaud's books-The Da Vinci Code Revisited, God In Our Midst, Famous People Speak About Jesus and Transformed Lives -are available at the Xlibris bookstore.