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Who is the Great Darcy? Award-Winning Xlibris Author Arleen Alleman Tells All


Who is Darcy Farthing and why are readers so captivated by her?

Find out as Xlibris turns the spotlight on Arleen Alleman, creator of Darcy Farthing and the author of the award-winning trilogy of crime fiction novels (Currents Deep and Deadly, Currents of Vengeance, and Current Assets).

The release of the series was not only well-received by readers, it won the top prize for Best Trilogy at the’s 2012 Books of the Year awards program last December 2012. In this spotlight feature, Ms. Alleman shares her love for detective and mystery fiction, cruise vacations, and her wide and varying interests that include science and jewelry design. The intrepid author also reveals how her professional and creative experiences helped instill a disciplined approach to developing memorable characters, vivid settings, and interlaced plot lines—all making for a completely riveting reading experience.

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