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From Country Doctor to Self-Published Author

Dr. Paul Carter

As a general practitioner in a small community, Dr. Paul Carter was inspired to write a book about his stories of adjusting to life in a small town. At the beginning of this year, Tales of a Country Doctor was published and was given an outstanding review on Kirkus Reviews!

Still full of stories to share, Dr. Carter went on and published a second book, The Further Tales of a Country Doctor, as, according to him, “there is far more material on the cutting room floor than has so far appeared in my two books.”

When Dr. Carter started his medical practice in the foothills of Victoria twenty-eight years ago, he started working alone. As time passed, he eventually had several younger doctors working under him, which essentially made his workload easier and lighter. Their medical work focuses on the community’s needs and recently won the Victorian Rural Practice of the year award.

Through his books, Dr. Carter wants to convey that human beings are innately good and are happy to express their goodness if given the chance.

Even though Dr. Carter was published traditionally in the past, he opted for self-publishing this time as he wanted to be more personally involved with the process of developing and marketing his book. Dr. Carter’s advice to any aspiring author is to just read, read, and read—and never stop reading.

Aside from writing, Dr. Carter also loves to paint—he constantly creates entries for the Archibald Prize. He also works on his farm, which keeps him mentally and physically conditioned.

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