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Genre Marketing packages help you tailor your marketing campaign to a very specific audience, increasing your chances of reaching readers who will be looking for your book. Choose between Christian, Mystery, or Science Fiction Genre Marketing and find the right audience for your book.

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Christianity Today Christian Marketing Packages

Many say books are food for the soul. Reach people who are hungry for knowledge with our Christian Marketing Packages. Advertise your book in any or all of three leading Christian magazines, bringing your work to more potential readers than you could imagine.


Ellery Queen & Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Marketing Packages

Solve the mystery of how to advertise your book with the Xlibris Ellery Queen & Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Marketing Packages.


Analog Science Fiction Marketing Packages

Step into new worlds with the Xlibris Science Fiction Marketing Packages. Advertise in one of the long-running and critically acclaimed science fiction anthology magazines.