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Audio Marketing


Harness the power of the airwaves to promote your book. Get your book on board the radio and widen your readership base.

Author Radio Interview with Stu Taylor

Harness the power of the airwaves and give your book its 10 minutes of radio broadcast focus with the highly respected and nationally syndicated business radio talk show host Stu Taylor.

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Online Interview

An online radio interview can do wonders for your book’s marketing campaign. Connect with your readers on the airwaves and reach a wider audience, increasing your book’s readership potential and giving you that powerful marketing push.

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Radio Advertising Australia

Reach readers, book lovers, and industry professionals on the go with a 30-second ad aired on a radio station of your choice!

Radio Advertising Packages

In an age where more and more digital content are vying for people’s attention, an ad for your book in the audio format has the potential to stand out. Get a 30-second audio teaser for your book with our Radio Advertising packages. Depending on the package you purchase, we’ll even get your teaser on the airwaves. View this infographic to learn the benefits of promoting your book through an audio ad. >