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Hardback Availability Full-Colour


Xlibris produces library-quality hardback volumes. Each hardcover book is perfectly bound and comes with a glossy dust jacket (for Black & White books) or in a sturdy case bound volume with high gloss lamination (for Full-Colour books). Printed on the highest-quality paper stock and laminated for durability and shelf life, these beautiful editions of your book are a joy to hold. Your name and the title of your book are embossed onto the hardback's spine in a classic typeface and burnished in gold for a professional and elegant presentation.

Xlibris will assign an individual ISBN (International Standard Book Number) to your hardback edition and make it available through Xlibris.

Hardback Availability is available for $499 for books published with our range of Full-Colour Publishing Packages.

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Some restrictions may apply.