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Google SEM - Specialist Campaign


We will design a website where interested parties will first visit when they click on your ad. With guaranteed premium ad placement, and a long-term campaign with Specialist Searched Campaign, Xlibris gives you maximum online exposure for your book.

  • 3-month online ad presence
  • Guaranteed top 4 placement of your ad over campaign period
  • In-house search experts to assist you in choosing up to 20 keywords
  • Bi-Weekly reporting and ability to change campaign details proactively
  • Website Design – Advanced, with blog page
Okay! How do I sign up?

Call your marketing consultant at 1800 455 039 (or +44 20 3014 4095 if calling from outside Australia) or send an e-mail to

REMINDER: Orders are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.