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Channel Availability


There are many publishers that will publish your book; there are even more companies that will print your book. But Xlibris doesn’t just stop there. Aside from making your book available for sale on the Xlibris bookstore, we give your book even more visibility in the marketplace by listing it in the Books in Print® database and making it available for purchase through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, two of the leading book wholesalers in the United States. That means resellers worldwide are able to pick up your title though their extensive distribution networks.

Subject to specific limitations, all books published with Xlibris are also available for sale worldwide via online booksellers, such as and Barnes& Channel availability restrictions include the following:

  • Flip-over books (e.g., books with two identical cover versions, Spanish [back] and English [front]) will only be available for sale on the Xlibris bookstore.
  • Full-colored books in hardcover formats are not available through online resellers.
  • Full-colored books in landscape formats are not available through online resellers. You may opt to create an alternative format to be made available through resellers (e.g., calendar format or square format).
  • Author pen names must not exceed 38 characters.