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Your Self Publishing Journey

Whatever your aspirations for your book,
Xlibris has the expertise to guide you all the way

When you choose to publish your book with Xlibris,
the leading supported self-publishing services provider,
you are in control all the way—
from the delivery of the manuscript to seeing the first copy
of your completed book.

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It's All About Our Authors

Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Lynette Collins

Lynette Collins has published 24 books with Xlibris Publishing. The Blueberry Possums - And How They Came to Be is the 24th and latest of these books. Her other books include Margie and Wolf, The Round Door, and others.

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Author Videos

J.R. Gonzalez

In this video, Xlibris author J.R. Gonzalez shares his love and passion for the horror genre, as well as its characters and contributors. In addition, he tells us about his author journey, from the idea stage to contacting Xlibris to ultimately holding the first copy of his book in his hands.

In his second video, Gonzalez encourages writers to tell their stories before others do. He then recounts and shares his Xlibris journey, advising writers to take the self-publishing path.

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Featured Service

Featured Service

Reach On-the-Go Book Lovers with the Audiobook Format

Many authors have been turning to the spoken word as their preferred medium, tapping into a format that has opened up new markets and revenue streams. Will you be part of the audiobook boom? With our Audiobook services, you can make your book available to people who love to consume stories while doing anything from commuting to exercising to cleaning the house. You may have your book professionally narrated in the accent of your choice, or you can personalise it with your own voice. Get started today!

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