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Supported self-publishing offers you the best of both DIY and traditional publishing—you retain the rights to your book and take full creative control, plus you get professional support when it comes to editing and finalising your work. This month, experience the best of what our supported self-publishing services could offer with these publishing, marketing, and bookselling specials!


You have a story that’s ready to be shared; all that’s left to do is to showcase it to your readers as a published book.

Take your pick from our wide range of publishing packages, and enjoy it at 50% off this month! All the publishing essentials and even the means to promote your book are already included in our packages.

Even self-published books can break through to the big screen or TV. Explore your book’s movie or TV potential with our Hollywood Book-to-Screen packages, at 20% off, extended until month’s end!

Call your Publishing Consultant today, or send an e-mail to to learn more.


You took full creative control of your book. Now, take that first step toward Tinseltown and explore your book’s Hollywood potential.

With our Hollywood Book-to-Screen packages, we will prepare a script coverage, treatment, or screenplay of your book that will be ready for agents, producers, directors, and writers in Tinseltown who are looking for new stories to be adapted into TV shows or films.

The good news is, our Book-to-Screen packages are still at 20% off until month’s end!

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For your author events and book signings, you need an ample stock of book copies to give out or sell to interested readers.

Extended until the 31st, you’ll get to enjoy a free press release campaign if you order at least 150 book copies. Buy 250 copies or more, and you’ll gain wider media mileage with a press release sent to 500 media outlets.

Call your Book Consultant today, or send an e-mail to to learn more or to take advantage of this special deal.

The publishing offer is not valid on Basic, Christian Novice, Poetry Classique, Sci-Fi, and Romance publishing packages.

The bookselling special is subject to minimum purchases of 150 copies for PRC 100 and minimum purchases of 250 copies for PRC 500 that are of the same title and format shipped to a single address. This is royalty exclusive and nonreturnable.

These special offers are also subject to further terms and conditions and may change without prior notice. Other restrictions may apply.